Graduate Program

Doctor of Science in Movement Sciences (DScMvt)

Doctor of Science in Movement Sciences

The doctoral program is offered asynchronously online allowing you to study flexibly while balancing work and personal life. 

Earn your doctoral degree on your schedule. The flexible program allows students to continue working within their careers without missing time from work.

The Doctor of Science degree in Movement Sciences (DScMvt) is a scientifically based clinical doctoral degree.  Its focus is on the study of human performance as it relates to movement and dysfunction throughout the lifespan. The doctoral program will prepare scientific scholars that can function as clinicians, researchers, or academicians.  The scholar will go through a rigorous curriculum that is designed to address the various challenges faced with individuals with impairments, functional limitations, disability, a handicap as a direct result of an injury, disease, or developmental disorder. The various components of human movement will be studied through the restoration, compensation, and maintenance of movement. The program will explore movement through an interdisciplinary approach to foster interprofessional collaboration within the delivery of healthcare. Research methods and evidence-based practice are the underlying tenets of this degree.

The objective of the DScMvt program is to ensure that graduates will be able to:

  • Provide a broad scientifically based knowledge in the field of movement science/human performance.
  • Give students the necessary skills to analyze human movement with the use of instrumentation lab techniques.
  • Enhance the understanding and analysis of human movement from a functional limitation and disability perspective.
  • Enhance the ability to critically think within the field of movement science by incorporating evidence-based practice in its interventions, analysis, and the synthesis of collected data to decrease functional limitations.
  • The ability to conduct culturally competent scholarly activities within the field of movement science.
  • The ability to communicate research findings and their implications on the field of movement science.
  • The ability to integrate the components of scholarship: research, teaching, mentoring, and service within the field of movement science.

Doctor of Science in Movement Sciences Curriculum

Core Courses

Essential Courses

Scientific Inquiry