Our mission shapes our vision and assists in developing our core values, but it is our alumni that puts into practice our philosophies and makes them a living reality.  Alumni can continue to connect with the university through its Alumni Network.

UMSAz Alumni

UMSAz believes in providing an education that is wholistic in approach and aims to produce graduates who will be critical thinkers, leaders and clinical problem solvers. A patient centered approach is the common thread woven throughout each class.

Our Alumni are leaders within their profession, contributors to the body of knowledge for the allied health professions, and perform various scholarly activity.  Some of our alumni are academicians imparting knowledge and clinical skills to students within allied health programs or other higher education programs.

Alumni Benefits & Privileges

Featured on UMSAz Website

Alumni can be featured on UMSAz’s website demonstrating their accomplishments that may include spotlight on your private practice, clinical certifications, publications, scholarly presentations, and other professional activities.  Contact the Dean’s office for more information at

University Email

Alumni continue to have email access following graduation.  Contact IT Support if assistance is needed.

Library Access

UMSAz Alumni are granted access to the institution’s library to support their research endeavors and scholarly activities.  Contact the IT Support office for further information.

Alumni Connect

Alumni, we would love to hear from you!  Please let us know about your accomplishments (research publications and other scholarly activity, opening of a new practice, job promotion, etc.), exciting things happening in your life (e.g., marriage, baby, job promotion), professional presentations at conferences, seminars, workshops, etc. Tell us all about it by submitting your news to Alumni Connect through the button below.

Alumni Connect


You may also update your information with UMSAz so that we can stay connected and you may receive university and alumni news.  Update your information by submitting the Alumni Connect Form below.



Alumni may also wish to promote their private practice on the university website or a job opening to other alumni or student body.  Contact for more information.