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Transitional Doctor of Physical Therapy

Program Description

The Transitional Doctor of Physical Therapy (t-DPT) is a post-professional degree for the licensed physical therapist. The online t-DPT program is designed for the physical therapist to advance their skills with a scientific but clinical knowledge foundation. The graduates will receive evidence-based practice knowledge to advance their assessments, interventions and other clinically related skill sets. The program will also prepare the graduate for leadership roles and academia.

Transitional Doctor of Physical Therapy Degree

Transitional Doctor of Physical Therapy

Interview with a t-DPT Student

If you’re a healthcare professional who is looking to advance your career into research, teaching at a college/university, or management the Transitional Doctor of Physical Therapy is the degree for you.

T-DPT Degree With Emphasis Tracks

Academic Emphasis

Pediatric Emphasis

Orthopedic Emphasis

Neuromuscular Emphasis

The Academic Emphasis allows Physical Therapists to advance into the role as a faculty member within a college/university.  While the Pediatric, Orthopedic and Neuromuscular Emphasis prepares the graduates with advanced skills to incorporate within their clinical environment.

The t-DPT program also offers four Emphasis Tracks that allow students to have a concentration in a desired specialty area of Orthopedics, Neuromuscular, Pediatrics, or Academics. However, a student may choose to enter the t-DPT program without conferring a degree with a concentration in any of the Emphasis Tracks.

Graduates will be able to seek employment within the five roles of a physical therapist:

  • Educator in higher education
  • Physical Therapy Clinician
  • Administrator (clinical or in higher education)
  • Critical Inquirer (Physical Therapy Clinical Researcher)
  • Physical Therapy Clinical Consultant

Doctor of Physical Therapy Program

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Tuition & Credits

Tuition & Credits

Programs Tuition/ per credit Tuition Total Program credits
  Credits Time Per-Semester
Transitional Doctor of Physical Therapy (t-DPT). 100% on-line $475 $12,350.00 26

1 Year, and 1 Semester

Based on 2 courses per semester
t-DPT with Academic Emphasis  Track. 100% on-line $475 $16,625.00 35

1 Year, and 2 Semesters

Based on 2 courses per semester

t-DPT with Pediatric Emphasis  Track. Limited on-campus time $475 $18,050.00 38 2 Years Based on 2 courses per semester
t-DPT with Orthopedic Emphasis Track. Limited on-campus time $475 $18,050.00 38 2 Years Based on 2 courses per semester
t-DPT with Neuromuscular Emphasis Track. Limited on-campus time $475 $18,050.00 38 2 Years Based on 2 courses per semester


Program Learning Outcomes

The learning outcomes for the Transitional Doctor of Physical Therapy graduate is:

  1. To enhance critical thinking that leads to an autonomous practitioner that can practice in a variety of clinical settings that may include direct access.
  2. To develop/enhance the ability of the clinician to assess societal needs and implement appropriate changes.
  3. The ability to communicate research findings and their implications on the field of physical therapy.
  4. The ability to integrate the concepts of community service within the field of physical therapy.
  5. The ability to provide culturally competent patient/client centered care to decrease functional limitations.

Program Educational Objectives

The educational objective of the program is to ensure that the graduates are culturally competent, practical, life-long learners and collaborative. The graduate will have the ability to perform the following within 3-5 years post-graduation:

  1. Demonstrated leadership qualities within their profession
  2. Demonstrated interdisciplinary communication and collaboration
  3. Engaged in community health services that addresses societal needs
  4. Participated in learning opportunities to maintain and enhance professional excellence

Specific Admissions Requirements

  1. Bachelors or Masters degree in Physical Therapy from CAPTE accredited program (foreign trained individuals must have degree evaluated by an approved agency)
  2. Current valid license to practice Physical Therapy
  3. Foreign Educated Applicants must provide the additional documents
    • TOEFL (Test of English as Foreign Language) scores of 550 or better OR take the English proficiency test provided by UMSAz (contact university for more information).
    • Credentials evaluated by approved transcript evaluator (i.e. World Education Services(WES))
    • If currently living in the United States provide proof of legal status.

Why Study At UMSAz?

UMSAz believes in providing an education that is wholistic in approach and aims to produce graduates who will be critical thinkers, leaders and clinical problem solvers. A patient centered approach is the common thread woven throughout each class.

Not only does the University of Medical Sciences Arizona provide you the practical skills that you can transition seamlessly into your work environment upon graduation, but we also equip our graduates with a heighten sense of delivering patient centered care from a clinician, researcher, academician, or leadership perspective.

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