Institutional Research Office

Graduation and Retention Rates

The Institutional Research Office develops, collates, analyzes, and interprets information about the university and its activities which includes data analysis on student, faculty, staff, administration and its operations. The analyzed information provides the university’s executive administration along with the university community to make supportive data-driven decisions. 

Academic Year Program Rates

Below are the graduation rates that demonstrate the percentage rate of students that graduated either before or at the expected completion time of their enrolled program.  The retention rate provides a visual demonstration of the number of students that continued in their program from semester to semester until completion.


The information from the IRO is provided to allow prospective students a visual demonstration on the Institution’s student body, that is enrolled in a specific program, on their success in finishing their programs within the expected completion timeframe. 

Program Assessments

To ensure the institution’s programs remain relevant, rigorous, and current, the IRO performs a periodic assessment of the university’s degree and certificate programs.