President’s Message

President's Message

Dr. Janice Pitts

Welcome to the University of Medical Sciences Arizona (UMSAz).  It is my pleasure to offer you the opportunity to attend a university that will prepare graduates to be change agents in the healthcare industry.  It is my desire that students will find UMSAz’s courses thought provoking, challenging, and relevant to real life experiences; and the learning environment inclusive and inviting.

UMSAz believes in providing an education that is wholistic in approach and student centered.  It is our commitment to have in our faculty complement dedicated and knowledgeable individuals with indisputable ability and experience to assist in developing programs that will produce graduates that provide patient centered healthcare as a clinician, researcher or academician from an evidence based perspective.  Our flexible online asynchronous courses give professors an opportunity to teach the mission of the institution and prepare graduates to demonstrate the characteristics of Jesus’ ministry which includes approaching individuals with cultural competence and understanding their health need while delivering the best treatment solution. 

Upon crossing the enrollment threshold of UMSAz you will be challenged with upholding the University’s Core Values of Academic Integrity, Excellence, Inclusiveness, Respect, Collaboration and Innovation and we will be challenged to uphold our  vision ‘To produce quality graduates that are leaders in their profession and are committed to patient centered care, service and research’.  Together we can rise to educational summits as we embark on an exciting journey to intellectually produce game-changers in the delivery of healthcare. I welcome you to the University of Medical Sciences Arizona!