Financial Aid

University of Medical Sciences Arizona offers a variety of financial aid options to help you pay for your program.  

Financial Aid Resources

UMSAz Scholarships

UMSAz offers scholarships designed to help you pay for your program tuition.  These are types of gifts which do not require repayment if student is in compliance with scholarship requirements. 

Private Loan Programs

The institution accepts funding from private bank loans or other lending resources.  Read more on the resource list of lending institutions available.  UMSAz does not endorse any of the lending institutions found the resource list.  Applicant is encouraged to perform their due diligence in contacting and applying for private loans.

Employee Tuition Reimbursement Programs

The university supports many Employee Tuition Reimbursement programs.  Consult your Human Resource Department to determine if your company has a program in place. 


Applicants must submit all documents below to be considered for the Research Scholars Scholarship.

  • Acceptance into one of the approved programs: (1) Doctor of Science in Movement Sciences (2) PhD in Rehabilitation Sciences (3) Doctor of Nursing Science
  • Signed Enrollment Agreement for one of the approved programs.
  • Registered for at least one course within one of the approved doctoral programs.
  • Submitted Scholarship for Research Scholar application with required documentation.
  • Upload a video of yourself presenting (1) why you are the best candidate for the scholarship and (2) how you intend to use the knowledge you gained from obtaining your doctoral degree (e.g., member services)
  • Required Documentation: (1) Upload evidence of being a presenter at a professional conference, seminar, or workshop. If you have not presented, provide evidence as to how you serve within your professional association.
  • Required Documentation: (2) Provide a list of your publications with appropriate citations. If you are not published, provide alternate evidence of participation in adding to the research body of knowledge within your profession.
  • Must be a new student accepted to begin their first semester within one of the approved doctoral programs.

Research Scholars Scholarship

The Research Scholars Scholarship is a one-time award offered to students who have just started their program at UMSAz. A $950 payment will be made each semester for the first three semesters of the student’s first academic year. This $2,850 scholarship will be applied to a recipient’s tuition only, not fees.

Application Information

The Research Scholars Scholarship awards 3 scholarships per academic year. Application deadline for the 2022/2023 Summer Semester is April 14, 2023. The applicant must be accepted and enrolled into an approved program as outlined above. Applicants receive notification of award 2 weeks after scholarship application deadline.  

Recipients are required to repay scholarship award ONLY if they do not complete their doctoral program within the required completion timeframe as indicated in the student catalog. 

Contact For Financial Assistance

The financial assistance department is available Monday – Thursday, 7am through 5pm, and on Friday, 7am through 11am, except on holidays.

Financial Aid Center

1001 Bishop St, Ste. 1035
Honolulu, HI 96813-3481

Financial Aid Information

Employer Reimbursement Programs

UMSAz works with many tuition reimbursement programs established with their employees. If you are interested in any of our programs, and work with a company that provides employee tuition reimbursement, please contact us. We might be able to work directly with your Human Resource Department’s tuition reimbursement program.

External Funding Sources

UMSAz accepts various external funding sources. Funds from credit resources such as banks, and other funding sources are supported. Funding options can be received via SWIFT transitions, direct deposit, or wire transfer.

Private Foundational Programs

Foundational funding is a great option for educational payment.  You may locate private foundation grants by visiting online grant resource portals, library resources, and links on the UMSAz website. UMSAz works with a number of foundational funding providers. 

Payment Plans

UMSAz administers a flexible payment plan for courses. Upon approval, students are placed on a monthly tuition payment plan. For additional information please contact the financial aid center via