Certificate Of Health Promotion

Course ID
UMSAz Faculty
Rolling Basis

Program Audience: Healthcare Professionals, Community Health Workers, Social Workers, EMT, other health related workers and individuals interested in Health Promotion.

Course Objectives: Upon the completion of this program, students will be able to:

  • 1. Discuss the principles of health promotion.
  • 2. Demonstrate appropriate culture competence that leads to patient centered care as it relates to the topics of this course.
  • 3. Utilize health promotion principles in the development of a health promotion program.
  • 4. Develop partnerships with organizations to establish and/or implement health promotion programs.
  • 5. Administer and manage health promotion activities and develop leadership skills.
  • 6. Monitor and evaluate the effectiveness of a health promotion programs.
  • 7. Interpret the results of an evaluation and design a proposal for change when appropriate.
Time Length of Each Course Length of Program Enrollment Date  Instructor
 Asynchronous -Online  9 weeks  6.5 months  Rolling Basis  UMSAz Faculty

Certificate Program series:

Certificate of Health Promotion 

Program Description:  Through a variety of awareness, educational and motivational strategies, the program prepares students to promote healthy behaviors within various communities to assist individuals in developing healthier lifestyles. The strategies will incorporate various tools used to organize health promotion activities and equip students with the ability to develop, implement and evaluate health promotion programs. Courses will also focus on the development of management skills necessary for overseeing and monitoring health promotion programs.


Program Schedule and Topics

Semester 1
Semester Topic: Principles of Health Promotion and Program Planning

Start Date: Rolling Admissions each Semester

Course Outline:

  1. Concepts/Theories of Health Promotion
    1. Health behavior theories
    2. Understanding nutrition and exercise values and its relation to health behaviors
    3. Roles & responsibilities of understanding your audience
  2. Role/Responsibility of Health Promoter
  3. Program Planning

Semeseter 2

Semester Topic: Program Management and Funding Strategies

Start Date: Rolling Admissions each Semester

Course Outline:

  1. Learning environment
    1. Tools needed
    2. Space
    3. Materials
  2. Program feasibility study
  3. Program Development
  4. Program Delivery
    1. Instructional Strategies
      1. Knowing audience
      2. Teaching material
    2. Interprofessional Collaboration & Communication
      1. Theories of effective communication
      2. Practical application in interpersonal, small group and public setting
      3. PR Skills
  5. Program Evaluation
    1. Different tools
    2. Reporting results
    3. Interpreting results
    4. Comparison of results
  6. Program Evaluation Results Implementation

Semester 3

Semester Topic: Capstone Project

Start Date: Rolling Admissions each Semester

Program Tuition


Tuition per Course Total Number of Courses

Length of Program

Certificate of Health Promotion

$475 for course 1

$475 for course 2

$950 for course 3


9 weeks per course

(6.5 months)

Program Instructor

Faculty members within the university community.


Program Registration

Enroll in the program any month and complete the series to obtain the Leadership in Healthcare: Shifting the Focus Certificate.  Enrollment dates are listed on the registration form at the following link: REGISTER HERE