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Academic Advising

It is the policy of UMSAz to provide academic advice to its students.  Each semester an advisor will be assigned to each student who will contact the student to schedule an initial meeting.  Future meetings will be scheduled as needed or as agreed by the advisor and the student.  If an academic advisor does not contact you to schedule the initial meeting please contact student services at

If you have a matter of an academic and/or non-academic nature that you wish to discuss, please contact your academic advisor.

If you need to speak to an Academic Advisor please click to schedule an appointment.

Financial Advising

Students may seek financial assistance information from the Student Services Director who will provide information on available private loans and scholarship programs.   The University has no stake in which financial institution the student chooses.

For further information contact student services at or call +1-808-867-2900.

Transcript Service

Further to a student’s request, official transcripts will be made available for all programs they are currently enrolled in and/or have completed. Requests must be made using the appropriate form and submitted to the Registrar.  Forms can be obtained from the university website at or you can email your form request to the Registrar at  Transcript request fees are as follows:

  1. Electronic copy: $7
  2. Domestic Paper copy mailing: $15
  3. International Paper copy mailing: $25


Transcript Request Form

Student Records

Individuals that apply and/or enroll in the institution, all educational and student records, which includes an UMSAz application, test scores (when appropriate), official transcripts, and copies of all University correspondence, become and remain the sole exclusive property of UMSAz.  Once enrolled, if a student is on an approved leave of absence, their records will remain active for 1 year following the end of the last semester they were enrolled.  If they do not return from the leave of absence, the records will be made inactive at the expiration of the approved leave of absence.  The records of all graduating students will become inactive and held in perpetuity upon receipt of their diploma. UMSAz also adheres to the following policies:

  1. UMSAz will not produce a student directory and will not release any information on a present or former student without a direct written consent from the student or a court order.
  2. UMSAz will never provide or sell lists of students and their addresses to external agencies or businesses for commercial purposes.
  3. Each student’s record is considered confidential and will be made available to the UMSAz’s personnel on a “need-to-know” basis only.
  4. A student may review his/her records in the presence of a university representative and may request copies of any information enclosed, except transcripts from other universities. (Copies provided at student’s expense).  Requests to review student records can be made by emailing the Registrar at

Career Opportunity Services

Career Opportunity Services will post job announcements on the university website.  Postings do not guarantee or provide placement in any job for those that apply. It should be noted that the university does not endorse any of the job postings as announcements are strictly for informational purposes.

Contact student services for a current listing. Email student services at

IT Support Services

Do you need IT support assistance? Training video’s and assistance for University software and tools may be found on the support website. IT support also provides technology assistance to each student when an issue is raised.  Students may view training videos or request support assistance by clicking on the link below. 


Help Desk

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