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The University of Medical Sciences Arizona is committed to designing curricula that is relevant, evidence based and rigorous. The student centered based programs allow the student to implement the concepts and techniques they have learned in the classroom into their work environment.  It is the goal of the University to continue igniting a desire to constantly learn while exhibiting critical thinking thus producing scholarly graduates and spurring leadership growth.



PhD in Rehabilitation Sciences

Post Professional Occupational Therapy Doctorate

Doctor of Science in Movement Sciences

Transitional Doctor of Physical Therapy

Doctor of Nursing Science

Our degrees advance students through a rigorous curriculum that continuously builds upon basic concepts to having the ability to apply complex principles and concepts.  The relevant curriculum allows students to apply real life course work to their current work environment and is constantly considered, implemented and evaluated.  

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Why Choose University of Medical Sciences Arizona?

The University of Medical Sciences Arizona is an institution that puts its focus on its students with its low faculty to student ratio.  The curriculum is designed to create critical thinkers, inquisitive scholars and leaders within their profession.  Our faculty body are highly experienced within their clinical profession, published researchers and participants and/or leaders within their professional association.  Each of the faculty are passionate about student learning and are dedicated to making sure each student succeeds.  Faculty members not only have the skill to present course materials that are applicable, creative, and rigorous; they are committed to making themselves available for students.

Student Development

Students will experience an enhancement of their skills as they engage in the journey of obtaining their doctoral degree.   The interaction amongst the diverse student body and faculty within the learning environment creates a dynamic that facilitates an exchange of ideas that leads to new theories and concepts.  It is through the element of inquiry, research and creativity that the student develops critical thinking and scholarly activities. 


It is through the institution’s mission, vision and objectives that it operates on.  All components of the institution rely on our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.  Consequently, the tenants of UMSAz’s mission statement is based on the following below.  

Part 1 of UMSAz Mission Statement: ‘meeting individuals at their health need (patient centered)’:  The Savior’s work was not restricted to any time or place. In every area through which He passed, He healed the afflicted ones. Christ recognized no distinction of nationality, rank or creed. All who sought help received it. 

Similarly, the healthcare worker will encounter a myriad of clients/patients with a myriad of health needs.  They will live and work in varied environments and come from different walks of life.  As part of the institution’s mission to meet individuals at their need, it will impart knowledge and skills to equip its students to be healthcare workers that do not allow such distinctions to determine whether someone should be treated but will, with their skills and knowledge, attempt to restore them to optimum health. 

Part 2 of UMSAz Mission Statement: ‘decrease the functional limitations through education and service’:  The primary reason Christ came to this earth was to save souls (Matthew 1:21 and John 3:16).  However, recognizing that spiritual sickness was not the only ailment that men had when He encountered the public, He did not start a Bible study but instead attended to their health need first. 

Similarly, the rehabilitation (rehab) healthcare worker’s primary reason for seeing a patient is to assist with their physical limitation, however if the rehab healthcare worker’s encounters a client who is in need of someone to listen to them, the rehab healthcare worker would take their time to listen because they understand that a positive mind plays a vital role in the healing of the body.   Performing patient centered care increases the possibility of the patient/client participation resulting in a decrease of functional limitations.


Our Alumni are leaders within their profession, owners of their private practice, published scholars and participants in professional conferences both state and nationally.   Learn More

Flexible Graduate Programs

Individuals can earn their doctorate without interruption to their work schedule as programs are offered online and are designed for the working professional.

Begin your journey in accomplishing your goal of earning your doctorate degree and advancing your career. For inquires, please email or call (808) 867-2900.