Graduate Program

Transitional Occupational Therapy Doctorate with Academic Emphasis

t-OTD with Academic Emphasis

The doctoral program is offered asynchronously 100% online with no requirements for on-campus visits.

Earn your doctoral degree on your schedule. The flexible program allows students to continue working within their careers without missing time from work.

The Transitional Occupational Therapy Doctorate is the post-professional degree for the licensed occupational therapist.  It is the goal of the online program to prepare graduates with evidence-based practice methods that will advance the profession of occupational therapy.  Administrative skills, instructional strategies and advanced clinical practices will be taught within the program.  The program learning outcomes for the Transitional Occupational Therapy Doctorate graduate is:

  • to enhance critical thinking that leads to an autonomous practitioner that can practice in a variety of clinical settings that may include direct access.
  • to develop/enhance the ability of the clinician to assess societal needs and implement appropriate changes.
  • the ability to communicate research findings and their implications on the field of occupational therapy.
  • the ability to integrate the concepts of community service within the field of occupational therapy.
  • the ability to provide culturally competent patient/client centered care to decrease functional limitations.

Course Curriculum


Academic Emphasis