Comprehensive Clinical Reasoning

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Online, t-DPT Core, t-OTD Core

This course is a part the Transitional Doctor of Occupational Therapy and Physical Therapy online programs. This includes t-DPT Core, and t-ODT Core curricula.

  • The Transitional Doctor of Physical Therapy is a post-professional degree for the licensed physical therapist. The online t-DPT program is designed for the physical therapist to advance their skills with a scientific but clinical knowledge foundation.
  • The Transitional Occupational Therapy Doctorate is the post-professional degree for the licensed occupational therapist. It is the goal of the online program to prepare graduates with evidence-based practice methods that will advance the profession of occupational therapy.

This course will discuss the theories and concepts of clinical decision-making, developing a prognosis (using epidemiologic data), diagnosis and prevention. Clinical reasoning mixed with evidence –based decision-making across the life span will also be discussed. This will include hypothesis generation and refinement applied within the context of the client management model. The course will also focus on analyzing and comparing contemporary and traditional interventions and the impact of evolving technology.

INT 7004 Comprehensive Clinical Reasoning is part of the course component within the following programs:

  • t-DPT Core
  • t-ODT Core
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