Deans Welcome

Quinell Kumalae, LLB

University Dean

As the Dean of the University of Medical Sciences Arizona (UMSAz), I warmly welcome our new and returning students and extend an invitation to those who are searching for an educational institution that offers doctoral degrees in the allied healthcare profession to join our university family.

Our university family consists of not only our students but also the UMSAz faculty who I am indebted to for never having veered from their commitment to teaching quality courses and being there for the students. Their desire to impart the textbook and their experiential knowledge through a variety of engaging and effective instructional strategies for the courses in our five doctoral programs (t-DPT, t-OTD, DNSc, PhD Rehab, DScMvt) cannot be underestimated and I say thank you to them.

When students walk through the ’virtual campus gates’ of UMSAz they will be afforded opportunities to participate in co-curricular activities with the faculty and to be immersed in an educational philosophy where patient centered care is of supreme importance, no matter the status, race, ethnic background or belief system.

Looking into UMSAz’s future, we hope to become an accredited institution further to the submission of our Application for Accreditation to WASC Senior College and University Commission and site visit in early 2023. You can read more about the status of our accreditation application, programs and student accomplishments by exploring our website.

Our faculty and the executive team wish our students success and an enjoyable educational career here at UMSAz.