Transitional Doctor of Physical Therapy

Courses are taught 100% on-line with the exception of the Emphasis Tracks that have limited on campus lab time to accommodate for the working professional.  Campus lab times are generally 3 -5 days in length and are held once a semester for those courses that have labs associated with it. The Academic Emphasis Track is the only track that is offered 100% on-line.

Program Description

The transitional doctorate is a post-professional degree for the licensed physical therapist. Students in this category have at least one year clinical experience as a licensed physical therapist. New graduates from a physical therapy program with a license to practice as a physical therapist in the US may also be considered for the program. However, the new graduate must apply to the program within one year following the completion of their physical therapy program.  The objectives for the Transitional Doctor of Physical Therapy program are as follows:

  1. Produce a post-professional graduate in physical therapy that can practice in a variety of clinical  settings that may include direct access.
  2. Produce a life long learner that is committed to updating their knowledge and skills.
  3. Develop a post-professional physical therapist that caters to the current societal needs.
  4. Enhance the allied health field in the local community by providing them with quality graduates.
  5. Offer practicing physical therapist with the opportunity to transition their degrees to a clinical doctorate to be in alignment with the professional association’s vision that all physical therapists will have a clinical doctorate degree by 2020.

The Transitional Doctor of Physical Therapy (t-DPT) program is designed for the physical therapist to advance their skills with a scientific but clinical knowledge foundation.  The graduates will receive evidence based practice knowledge to enhance their assessments, interventions and other clinically related skill sets. The program will also prepare the graduate for leadership roles and academia. 

Specific Admissions Requirements

  1. Bachelors or Masters degree in Physical Therapy from CAPTE accredited program (foreign trained individuals must have degree evaluated by an approved agency)
  2. Current valid license to practice Physical Therapy
  3. Foreign Educated Applicants must provide the additional documents:
    1. TOEFL (Test of English as Foreign Language) scores of 550 or better OR take the English proficiency test provided by UMSAz (contact university for more information).
    2. Credentials evaluated by approved transcript evaluator (i.e. World Education Services(WES))
    3. If currently living in the United States provide proof of legal status.

The t-DPT program also offers four Emphasis Tracks that allow students to have a concentration in a desired specialty area of Orthopedics, Neuromuscular, Pediatrics, or Academics.    However, a student may choose to enter the t-DPT program without conferring a degree with a concentration in any of the Emphasis Tracks.  The following degrees are possible from the t-DPT program:

Programs and Course Outline
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Total Program credits

»Transitional Doctor of Physical Therapy (t-DPT)Degree offered 100% on-line

26 credits

t-DPT with  Academic Emphasis Track Degree offered 100% on-line

35 Credits

t-DPT with Pediatric Emphasis  Track Degree limited on-campus time

38 Credits

t-DPT with Orthopedic Emphasis Track Degree limited on-campus time

38 Credits

t-DPT with Neuromuscular Emphasis Track  Degree limited on-campus time

38 Credits