Doctor of Nursing Science

Courses are taught 100% online to accommodate for the working professional. 

Program Description

The Doctor of Nursing Science (DNSc) program is designed to prepare nurses with the necessary advanced innovative research skills to deliver exceptional patient care. The program will equip graduates with a scientific knowledge base to develop in scholarship, clinical leadership and organizational skills.

The objectives of the DNSc program is in parallel with the American Association of Colleges of Nursing task force report in 2010. Therefore the objective of the DNSc program is to provide students with:

  1. a scientific foundation of knowledge that will give them the ability to be critical thinkers and innovative leaders and academicians.
  2. an appreciation of the history and philosophy of science
  3. the ability to critique and integrate different science perspectives in the conduct of research
  4. an understanding on the evolving nature of the nursing discipline
  5. the ability to generate new ideas based on a critical evaluation of existing knowledge
  6. the knowledge on how to conduct original research
  7. the ability to utilize professional and research ethics and judgment in the conduct of research
  8. the ability to assume leadership in the conduct of culturally competent scholarship to improve nursing practice
  9. the ability to communicate research findings to lay and professional audiences and identify implications for policy, nursing practice, and the profession
  10. the ability to integrate the components of scholarship: research, teaching, mentoring, and service to the nursing profession

Specific Admissions Requirements

  1. Masters degree in nursing or advance practice in nursing from NLN or CCNE accredited program in USA (foreign trained individuals must have degree evaluated by an approved agency)
  2. Current valid license to practice Nursing (professional certification as an Advanced Practice Nurse)
  3. Bachelors degree in nursing from NLN or CCNE accredited program in USA or foreign equivalent
  4. Foreign Educated Applicants must provide the additional documents:
    1. TOEFL (Test of English as Foreign Language) scores of 550 or better OR take the English proficiency test provided by UMSAz (contact university for more information).
    2. Credentials evaluated by approved transcript evaluator (i.e. World Education Services(WES))
    3. If currently living in the United States provide proof of legal status.

The DNSc program also offers one Emphasis Track that allows students to have a concentration in the  specialty area of  Academics.    The concentration prepares the student for the role of a faculty member and conference/seminar presenter.   However, a student may choose to enter the DNSc program without conferring a degree with a concentration in the Emphasis Track.  The following degrees are possible from the DNSc program:


Programs and Course Outline (click program title)

Total Program credits

»Doctor of Nursing Science 

53 Credits

Doctor of Nursing Science with  Academic Emphasis Track Degree

 62 Credits