About UMSAz

Non-Profit Status

The University of Medical Sciences Arizona (UMSAz) is recognized by the IRS as a private non-profit institution.   All funds received by UMSAz are used exclusively for its educational programs and operations of the University. 


The University of Medical Sciences Arizona prohibits discrimination of those which occur on the basis of race, sex, religion, age, color, creed, national or ethnic origin; physical, mental or sensory disability; marital status and sexual orientation. Decisions affecting an individual cannot be made on the basis of one of these factors. All admissions decisions should be made on the basis of neutral and objective criteria by which an individual may be evaluated in terms of his or her accomplishments without regard to irrelevant factors such as sex or race.

Non-Accredited Institution

As a new institution, the University as a whole is unaccredited and is currently pursuing accreditation.  No guarantee of achieving such accreditation is made or should be assumed by enrolling students. However, the University of Medical Sciences Arizona is approved to operate in the state of Arizona by the Arizona State Board for Private Postsecondary Education (AZPPSE). The AZPPSE (http://azppse.state.az.us/) licenses and regulates private postsecondary educational institutions by ensuring legal operations, ethical practices and quality education.


Delivery of Courses

UMSAz currently offers all of its program courses on-line to accommodate the working professional.   Some of the program courses will require on campus lab time.  Generally, on campus lab times are 3 -5 days in length and are held once a semester for courses that have associated labs.  The online courses are asynchronous interactive web-based programs with graphics, videos, and audio clips. Faculty/student and student/student synchronous meetings may be scheduled to increase interactive collaboration. Students will receive all required assignments, exams, and quizzes via online.

A Brief History

The mission of the University of Medical Sciences Arizona is to show the love of Jesus Christ while improving the quality of life for individuals with a disability through education and service. Our vision is to produce quality graduates that are leaders in their profession and committed to patient centered care, service and research while demonstrating the character of Jesus Christ.

UMSAz is devoted to academic excellence.  The University offers health related doctoral programs that are taught from an interdisciplinary perspective to enhance the graduate's ability to foster interdisciplinary patient care.   The university's graduates will be dedicated to providing exceptional healthcare to individuals that have a physical disability.  It is the objective of UMSAz to change the delivery of healthcare and ultimately increase the quality of life in individuals that have a physical disability.

The academic environment has a dynamic learning environment that addresses both the didactic and clinical skills needed to produce change agents and leaders in healthcare.  The evidence based curricula include inter-professional courses with appropriate patient simulation labs and other technology enhanced courses that will foster true interdisciplinary skills. 

We are currently developing our clinical research labs at UMSAz.  The institution will provide a portal for revolutionary research.  It is the university’s objective to be considered an institution of scholarly activity. UMSAz is dedicated to producing quality research that will better the delivery and advancement of healthcare within the nation. The institution will house state of the art clinical research labs that will allow for the production of new theories, protocols, concepts, and interventions in the health professions.  

UMSAz has taken the commitment to provide continuing education courses for individuals in the health professions to increase professional development.  This division will develop courses that respond to a need in the various health related professions that will equip its consumers with the necessary skills to serve an ever-changing society. 

The University of Medical Sciences Arizona desires that students will choose its institution because of its academic rigor, integrity, evidence based theories, and commitment to changing the delivery of healthcare. 

The President's Message

President Janice Pitts  is committed to having the University of Medical Sciences Arizona increase the quality of life for individuals that have a disability. The task will be accomplished through the university with dissemination of cutting edge research, a rigorous academic curriculum, and evidence based interventions through a  comprehensive physical rehabilitation clinic.

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